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Last Updated on November 9, 2018
Can I Get A Refund On My Cancelled Subscription?
Custom Thumbnails does not offer credits or refunds for cancelled accounts. All subscriptions are ineligible for refunds, except in the case of double billing or other clerical errors. Users must cancel their subscription before renewal if they do not wish to be charged.
Do Unused Designs Roll Over To The Next Month?
If you have unused designs at the end of the billing period they do not roll over to the next month. For example: If you signed up for the Basic/ 10 Design plan on November 3rd and you have one unused design on December 2nd and the plan renews on December 3rd, that one remaining design does not add to your total designs when your plan renews on December 3rd. Instead, your available design count renews when you are charged on December 3rd.
What If I Don’t Like The Design That Is Sent?
When you receive your design order one of three things may happen. If you love the design, let us know and we’ll close out the order. If you like it but would like to see us make a few changes to it, just reply to the e-mail that we sent the design in and we’ll make the changes right away! If we missed the mark and you need us to start over, reply to the e-mail that was sent and let us know where we went wrong and what you would like to see different. Sending examples of designs you like is always helpful too!
What Is Your Turn Around Time?
We typically get design orders to our clients in 24 - 48 hours. Holidays and weekends may occasionally extend this time frame.
How Do I Order Custom Graphic Design Services?
Once subscribed you will be sent log-in credentials via e-mail to your personal design portal. From your personal design portal you’ll be able to easily place orders.
What Do Your Designers Need From Me?
Our designers need any photos, images, icons or logos that you want in the design. It is also helpful when our clients explain the aesthetic that they want portrayed in the design.

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