The #1 Way To Boost Discovery On YouTube

Having a YouTube channel usually turns out to be a lot more work for its creator than initially realized. But a good content creator learns that putting in the work can eventually lead to a big payoff: discovery and success. Through analyzing the channel’s data and adjusting strategies based on those numbers and trends, a great creator can boost his or her videos to be discovered and consumed.

Though not done with the ease of flipping a switch, analyzing data is the creator’s most powerful tool, and when learned how to do correctly and consistently, it gives the creator greater control over what happens with his or her content.

The average amateur YouTuber does the exact opposite of analyzing and adjusting to their data. This usually looks like the equivalent of throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. In other words, most creators upload a video and hold their breath to see if anybody will watch it … and usually, nobody does.

Nothing feels worse than going to all the trouble of creating content and then having it sit, unwatched, in the annals of the YouTube universe.

There are dozens of ways creators can modify their strategies based on the data they see in their analytics, but one of the most important and basic of these is making good thumbnails.

Many creators would admit to knowing that thumbnails matter, but most probably don’t realize that improving their video’s thumbnail is the #1 way to boost content discovery in the YouTube algorithm. If creators would put in the time to research really good thumbnails, especially in their specific niche, and would then put that research into practice by making sure their own thumbnails are done right, they would see significant improvement in their videos’ discovery.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources for creating great thumbnail images. Some creators do it themselves, but a lot of people just don’t have the time to fit in everything that goes into having a successful channel. While you are busy making great content, you can hire someone who is equally great at making thumbnails and who understands exactly what thumbnail metadata works for your specific category.

For a follow-up article that gives more specifics on the actual process of thumbnail creation, read “Creating The Perfect Thumbnail.” (Link to article #3)