User comment for Order ID#20317 – 2019.10.22/04:10:41

Attached you will find two designs.

We can use a thinner font like the one on the Gladiator DVD cover, this is an easy change. We chose this font because it’s thick and easy to read. The previous font we used was also thick, however this one has a more regal feel to it. Again, happy to swap out the font if you don’t like this one.

We gave the text a light amount of texture to make it appear as though it is made of a precious metal.

The gold border isn’t right on the edge, but in just enough to draw attention to it. You’ll notice that the guest is in front of the border, this is done to help give the appearance of the guest being on the front most layer of the design. Subtle, but important.

You will notice that the guests name is on a gold name plate under the video title, we did this to give the feel of luxury and confidence.

You will find a version with the guests name centered in the design and you’ll find another version with the guests name centered under the word ‘advice’.

Like in your example we used a black background. You will notice a subtle change in the background in a few areas. We did this to subconsciously push your guest forward again to the front most layer of the design. Subtle, but powerful.

Let me know if you would like to see this with a different font. We are happy to make this change and any other changes that you’d like to see.

Interested in your feedback.