User comment for Order ID#22059 – 2019.11.21/08:11:40


OK too girlie, too much pink.

This needs to appeal to a more middle-aged woman, a more mature audience.

And it needs to have some appeal to men – at least it can’t repel men by being too girlie.

So choose a different color. Look at her website here –

There are some purple colors on that, at the bottom layer, and in the top balloon video layer. Also in the menu font. Try some of those colors.

The shape of the white background around the name Christina Hills I do not like. I don’t like the non-right-angles, trapezoidal look of the sides of that white box.

Right now the fonts are fine, but we’ll see where you go with this.

I know that I didn’t give much original direction to you on colors. I did try and give some audience direction and gave these links to the website in the Design Profile and order notes.

Placement and layout of the design elements are good.

But feel free to start over if you want.