User comment for Order ID#22115 – 2019.11.21/01:11:49

I like how this looks! This is exciting!

But it kinda looks too good. Looks a bit too staged, like its not a someone’s real car. Its needs to look more like someone’s real car.

Here is what I’d like to see done…

Make the color of the car more natural, more blue like the car actually looks in real life and in the original photo. It’s too dry, yellowish-red right now.

Put the Gas Cap Back in – you airbrushed it out. Some viewers will immediately recognize that to be fake.

Slant the font of the SRT392 on the license if possible to match the angle of the original license plate letters, so they look more realistic.

Go a little bigger on the puffs of exhaust smoke. I didn’t notice them at first.

Thank you!